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My Journey

Being chosen as one of the top ten designers to appear on Interior Design Masters was a fantastic surprise and such a confidence boost as the design world has so many talented designers and creatives and so I consider myself really lucky and honoured to be picked out off all those who applied.


My friends said that it took real bravery from me to take time out from my People Development career of 24 years to focus on my other passion.

The show has given me an opportunity to share my love for interiors and to challenge and push myself. 

I hope that by showing my vulnerability, drive and following my passion it may inspire others to do the same.

Catch each episode Tuesdays throughout February 8pm. BBC Two !

I'm in the local paper! Click here to read my interview in the Worthing Herald

Worthing Herald.png

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen praises 'post-modernist four poster bed' paint trick

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Jon - Final show room - week 1 3.jpeg

The clever home hack Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen says 'the entire nation will be doing soon'

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Jon - Final show room - week 1 12.jpeg
Interiors Design Masters Team Shot.jpeg
Jon Scott Burns Interiors Design Masters
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